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Organic Badam is one of the unique products at Uyir Organic Farmers Market. Organic Badam is beneficial to your health and aid in the growth of your body. It is high in vitamins and minerals. HDL which is a healthy cholesterol is beneficial to blood circulation. People who labour long hours require healthy cholesterol.
If you have to work hard and worry a lot, a few days of consuming Organic Badam or almonds should be enough. Phosphorus, mineral salt, and glutamic acid are all found in Organic Badam or Almonds.
Almond skin contains flavonoids and vitamin E, which can help prevent heart disease. Almond or Organic Badam contains 58 percent fat in 100 grammes. However, it is safe because it is made of healthy fat.

Benefits of Organic Badam
The benefits of the Organic Badam are provided as follows:
• If you want to raise your good cholesterol and lower your bad cholesterol, eat 25 grammes of Organic Badam every day.
• If you want to lose weight, eating five to five Organic Badam twice a week can help you lose weight.
• A person with heart problems who eats almonds five days a week is half as likely to suffer a heart attack. This is because Organic Badam contain healthful fats.

How to use it?
Soak twelve Almonds or Organic Badam in water every night, then grind them and eat them in the morning to improve your memory and nerve strength.