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Organic Black Salt is a unique product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market. Black salt, also known as Kala Namak and Himalayan black salt, is indigenous to India. It is mined in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal. The holistic therapeutic properties of black salt were first recognised in Ayurvedic medicine. Organic Black salt is now widely used in the kitchen and is particularly popular in Indian cuisine. Its odour and flavour are derived from the sulphur compounds found in it, which were formed in a volcano. It is made up of iron, potassium chloride, and chloride and has a variety of useful applications. Benefits of Organic Black Salt The benefits of Organic Black Salt are provided as follows: • Organic Black salt could be an effective antacid. • It may have anti-diabetic properties. • This salt might act as a hair loss inhibitor. • Organic Black salt could be useful as a fat burner. • It may exhibit haematinic activity, which stimulates the production of new blood cells. • This salt may have anthelmintic properties, which cause parasitic worms to die. • Organic Black salt could have anti-oxidant properties. • It may have digestive stimulant properties. How to use Organic Black Salt? • Organic Black salt is a healthier alternative to traditional table salt but should still be used in moderation. • In certain dishes, organic black salt can be substituted for regular table salt to enhance the flavour. • When using organic black salt in the morning to aid digestion or flush out toxins, it is important to use a small amount that will not upset your system.