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Traditional Coconut Scrubber is used to wash various things like cookware, utensils, tableware, cutlery, and kitchenware. It is produced without using metals, ensuring that the completed product does not rust. It can break down naturally and will not affect the environment because it contains no artificial chemicals.
A traditional Coconut Scrubber is the best thing to use instead of Nylon Scrub Pads. If you frequently use a nylon or metal scrubbing pad in your kitchen, you may have noticed little or thin particles in your rice or other dishes. This may make you hesitant to eat the food you've prepared. Please use our traditional coconut scrub pad to ensure the safety of the food. Even if it is present in your meal, you can consume it without concern.

Benefits of Traditional Coconut Scrubber
The benefits of Traditional Coconut Scrubber are provided as follows:
• Traditional Coconut Scrubber is tear resistant.
• It is made with the best coconut possible.
• In the past, people used these coconut scrubs to clean their homes, and the coir is a solid material for cleaning things around the house.
• Our Traditional coconut scrubbers are Non-Scratch Pads.
• They are new and come in an excellent package.
• This product works well in any kitchen, including restaurants and other commercial kitchens.

How to use it?
With a traditional coconut scrubber, you can clean vessels in different ways.
• For big jobs, like cleaning burned-on food from Stainless Steel pans, wet the pan under the tap, pour out the extra water, sprinkle Uyir Organic dish wash powder on the pan, and use the traditional coconut scrubber to clean it.
• For gentle jobs like non-stick oven, trays, or pans, delicate China, regular dishes, and shower glass, please wet the traditional coconut scrub and touch it with Uyir Organic dish wash powder. Then rub the scrub on the vessels and wash them with water.