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Organic Cowpeas, or “Thattai Payiru,” is an exceptional product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market. Cowpeas or black-eyed peas are edible legumes and belong to the Fabaceae family. Despite its widespread name, this legume species is actually a bean. Although cowpea cultivation is said to have originated in Africa, it is now prevalent in many countries throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas.
Organic Cowpeas are high in several elements, including proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Antinutrients like phytic acid and protease inhibitors can also be abundant in Organic Cowpeas. Numerous treatment methods, such as soaking, germination, fermentation, or debranching, can be beneficial in boosting the number of nutrients available from cowpeas.

Benefits of Organic Cowpeas
The benefits of organic Cowpeas are provided as follows:
• Eating organic cowpeas can aid with digestion.
• Organic cowpeas could help with detoxification and heart health.
• They can aid with diabetes control in some circumstances.
• They may increase blood flow and benefit the heart.
• Organic cowpeas might be able to assist you in losing weight.
• Skin may benefit from consuming organic cowpeas.

How to use Organic Cowpeas?
• Organic cowpeas should be soaked for at least eight hours or overnight.
• Cook for four to five whistles in a pressure cooker.
• Cowpeas that have been organically boiled can be eaten on their own or used as an ingredient in various other dishes, such as curries.