Cowpea dhal /Flattened lentils

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Organic Cowpea Dhal, or Flattened Lentils, or “Thattai Paruppu,” is a unique product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market. The cowpea, sometimes referred to as the black-eyed pea and recognized by its scientific name “Vigna unguiculata,” is a multipurpose legume with an excellent nutritional profile. The cowpea is an oval-shaped bean with a light colour and a distinctive big patch that resembles an eye in shape and colour. It has a potent nutty, earthy flavour as well as a thick, creamy taste. The abundance of minerals found in cowpeas is essential for the body's normal operation and may improve general health.

Benefits of Organic Cowpea Dhal or Flattened Lentils
The benefits of organic Cowpea Dhal or Flattened Lentils are provided as follows:
• Organic cowpea could enhance heart health.
• Diabetes may be managed by consuming Organic cowpea.
• Losing weight may be encouraged by ingesting organic cowpea in your diet.
• Organic cowpea might enhance digestive health.
• The health of your skin could be improved.
• Organic cowpea could fight against infections.
• Pregnant women might benefit from eating organic cowpea regularly.
• Organic cowpea stops hair loss.
• It could stimulate hair growth.

How to use Organic Cowpea Dhal or Flattened Lentils?
• Soak the organic cowpea in water for at least 4-6 hours. This quickens both the cooking and digesting processes. Although overnight soaking is not required, soaking them in hot water for one to two hours can help them cook faster.
• Rich curries can be made using organic cowpea, meat, spices, and other veggies.
• You can use organic cowpea to prepare salads, stews, and soups.
• Delicious kebabs and fritters can be made with organic cowpea.