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Herbal Dishwash Powder by Uyir Organic Farmers Market is a blend of highly effective cleansing herbs with no artificially added fragrance. It is gentle on the skin, compost and degrades naturally in soil. It does not pollute waterways and does not harm marine organisms.
Herbal Dish Wash Powder cleans and disinfects your dishes while infusing them with the tried-and-true natural goodness of herbs and plants. It contains lemon, which aids in the removal of dish and utensil stains. Its low-foaming, chemical-free formula protects your hands and skin from allergies. It provides a safe and long-term option for a more holistic lifestyle.
It contains no petroleum-based thickeners, additives, or foaming agents. All dishes, including glass and non-stick utensils, can be washed. The residue is not harmful to humans or other living things. It is designed for hand-washing dishes.

Benefits of Herbal Dishwash Powder
The benefits of Herbal Dishwash Powder are provided as follows:
• This herbal dishwashing powder is environmentally friendly.
• It has a low-foaming formula with no chemical footprint.
• It cleans dishes thoroughly and leaves them sparkling and sanitised.
• It gives the dishes a smooth fragrance.

How to use it?
• Make a thick paste with the required amount of herbal dishwashing powder.
• To clean the vessels, apply this thick paste on a natural scrubber.
• Then rub the paste on the dishes and clean them with water.
• Use the paste instead of the powder because it is more convenient and cost-effective.
• The powder should be kept in a clean, dry, and airtight container.
• To dispense the required powder, use only a dry spoon.
• Allow a vessel with a difficult stain to soak in water for a few minutes before washing it.

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