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Organic Dry Dates have high fibre content and an excellent nutritional profile. They are high in antioxidants. Their nutrition may help keep the brain healthy and keep diseases away. They are a little hard, dry, and shrunken since they have been thoroughly dried. However, the vitamins and mineral salts they contain can keep your body healthy and strong.

Benefits of Organic dry dates
The benefits of Organic dry dates are provided as follows:
• Organic dry dates contain lipoproteins called colostrum, which can help lower bad cholesterol in the blood. They are beneficial to your heart.
• They have a low salt content and a high potassium content, which help maintain blood pressure in balance.
• The B5 vitamins in dry dates inhibit cell-killing free radicals.
• Organic dry dates repair damaged cells.
• They give your skin a younger and more vibrant appearance.
• Organic dry dates contain vitamin B5, which prevents hair loss and strengthens the roots.
• They restore damaged hair.

How to use it?
• Organic dry dates are a delightful snack that may be utilised in a variety of ways. They are frequently combined with other foods such as almonds, nut butter, or soft cheese.
• Organic dry dates are also extremely sticky, making them ideal for binding cookies and bars together. By combining dates with almonds and seeds, you may also produce healthy snack bars or energy balls.