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Organic Fenugreek, or “Vendhaiyam,” is a fine product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market. Fenugreek belongs to the same family as soy. People utilise its seeds, leaves, twigs, and roots as a spice, flavouring, and supplement, both fresh and dried. Fenugreek or powdered fenugreek seeds are commonly used in Indian cuisine. It not only provides a distinct, delectable flavour to the meal, but it also keeps our bodies healthy.

Benefits of Organic Fenugreek
The benefits of organic Fenugreek are provided as follows:
• Organic Fenugreek has the potential to lower elevated cholesterol levels.
• It may reduce the amount of discomfort experienced during menstrual cycles.
• It may help control diabetes.
• Organic Fenugreek could be beneficial to weight loss.
• It's possible that it'll make breastfeeding easier.
• Organic Fenugreek may keep a tab on Hypertension.
• It might be healthy for the heart.

How to use Organic Fenugreek?
• Organic fenugreek seeds are commonly used in Indian cookery.
• They are added to hot oil to enhance the flavour of foods such as curries, rice dishes, lentil dishes, grains, batters, and other snack items. Spices are heated in oil using a process called tempering.