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Organic wild honey has been used as a therapy for a variety of diseases throughout history, and it has a wide range of health benefits and medical applications. A vast majority of honey sold in supermarkets has been processed using a high temperature to eradicate microorganisms. The high heat kills any yeast that may be present, which improves the colour and texture, avoids crystallisation, and extends the shelf life of the product. However, the procedure leads to the loss of a considerable amount of beneficial nutrients.
If you want to buy honey, you should choose the organic wild honey sold at Uyir Organic Farmers Market.

Benefits of Organic wild honey
The benefits of Organic wild honey are provided as follows:
• Organic wild honey contains a high concentration of antioxidants.
• It exhibits both antibacterial and antifungal properties.
• It is beneficial for stomach issues.
• It also alleviates coughs and sore throats.
• It can also help with enhancing memory power.

How to use Organic wild honey?
• Take two to three teaspoons of organic wild honey daily to enhance your immune system.
• Honey is a natural remedy for sore throat and cough. Take a teaspoon of organic wild honey for sore throat relief; the honey's natural antioxidants will assist you in overcoming the cough, among other things.