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Organic Horse Gram, or “Kollu Paruppu,” is a special product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market. India has been a major producer and consumer of horse gram, also known as Macrotyloma uniflorum, since ancient times. Horse gram is a type of pulse crop indigenous to tropical Africa and the Indian subcontinent.
The United States National Academy of Sciences identified this legume as a potential candidate for use as a food source in the future due to its exceptional nutritional profile, resistance to drought, and general hardiness.

Benefits of Organic Horse Gram
The benefits of organic Horse Gram are provided as follows:
• Organic Horse gram is used to treat constipation.
• Fever and the common cold might be treated with Horse gram.
• Diarrhoea may be treated with the help of Horse gram.
• Organic Horse gram might help treat Piles.
• It may help people lose weight.
• It may be used to treat irregular menstrual cycles.
• Organic Horse gram may have the capacity to lower cholesterol levels.
• It may be useful for treating conjunctivitis.

How to use Organic Horse Gram?
• Organic horse gram can be consumed in a variety of ways. It could be used to make soup, salad with sprouts, boiled horse gram for breakfast, and other dishes.