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Organic Horse gram Rasa Powder is a fine product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market. Horse gram is the lentil with the highest protein concentration on the planet. It can provide you with an immense amount of power. For this reason, horse gram is given to horses that are used for racing. Benefits of Organic Horse gram Rasa Powder The benefits of organic Horse gram Rasa Powder are provided as follows: • Organic Horse gram Rasa Powder may be capable of treating ulcers. • It might reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease. • Menstrual problems could be managed as one of its potential benefits. • Organic Horse gram Rasa Powder may help with insulin resistance. • It could be advantageous to the bones. • It contains an abundance of antioxidants. • Organic Horse gram Rasa Powder may aid in urinary discharge. • It could help alleviate asthmatic symptoms. • It might prevent the formation of kidney stones. How to use Organic Horse gram Rasa Powder? • Organic Horse gram Rasa Powder is a spice blend that is utilised in the preparation of a traditional south Indian dish called “Kollu rasam” without roasting or pressure cooking the horse gram. • Also, this powder can be used to prepare horse gram chutney.