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Organic Palm Jaggery, or “Panai Karupatti,” is a unique product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market. Palm jaggery is primarily composed of sugar cane juice and palm isolate. It is well known that palm jaggery has numerous health benefits. Numerous nutrients in organic Palm jaggery are beneficial to health. Organic Palm jaggery is also good for maintaining your haemoglobin and iron levels. Furthermore, the magnesium content of palm jaggery has been shown to benefit the nervous system. Benefits of Organic Palm Jaggery The benefits of organic Palm Jaggery are provided as follows: • Organic Palm jaggery is an all-natural liver cleanser and body detoxifier. • It has the excellent ability to increase energy levels. • With the help of organic Palm jaggery, constipation may be treated. • Organic Palm jaggery is the most remarkable and effective weight loss aid. This is because jaggery is rich in potassium, which promotes metabolic function, muscle growth, and electrolyte equilibrium. • It could treat cold symptoms. • Organic Palm jaggery is a rich source of iron and folic acid, which help maintain a stable red blood cell count and prevent anaemia. • Because organic Palm jaggery is rich in essential nutrients, it is an excellent natural remedy for menstrual problems, particularly cramp relief. • Antioxidants and mineral deposits such as zinc and selenium are present in organic Palm jaggery and aid in preventing free radical damage and enhancing disease resistance. How to use Organic Palm Jaggery? • In place of white sugar, organic palm jaggery can be used in any recipe.