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Organic Moong Dal, or “Paasi Paruppu,” is a good product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market. Moong dal is generally regarded as one of the best vegetarian dishes on the market. It is rich in high-quality proteins, as well as other essential nutrients. Protein is essential for tissue growth and repair. It is also crucial for forming muscles, blood, bones, cartilage, and skin. Furthermore, organic Moong dal aids in the formation of new tissues.

Benefits of Organic Moong Dal
The benefits of organic Moong dal are provided as follows:
• Organic moong dal might be able to aid in weight loss.
• It may be advantageous for heart health.
• It could contain a lot of nutrients.
• Organic moong dal might help protect against diabetes.
• It may enhance the condition of the digestive system.
• It could make the blood circulate better.

How to use Organic Moong Dal?
• Organic Moong dal can be used in various dishes, including soup, halwa, gravy, and poriyal.
• Organic Moong dal, which has been sprouted, is incredibly nutritious. It comprises amino acids, proteins, enzymes, chlorophyll, vitamins, and minerals.