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Organic Poppy Seeds is a special product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market.  They are called “Kasakasaa” in Tamil. Poppy seeds are a popular ingredient in a variety of Indian dishes. Because they are beneficial for diabetes, they are frequently used in diabetes-related recipes. You should use them whenever you want a dish to smell good, even though they have a peculiar nutty flavour.   Benefits of Organic Poppy Seeds The benefits of organic Poppy Seeds are provided as follows: ·       Organic Poppy seeds have the potential to aid in the regulation of blood pressure. ·       They may be beneficial for the treatment of diabetes. ·       They might play a substantial role in increasing female fertility. ·       Organic Poppy seeds have the potential to be advantageous to the eyes. ·       They could aid in preventing insomnia. ·       They might enhance cognitive abilities. ·       Organic Poppy seeds may be helpful to the digestive system. ·       They could be helpful for treating kidney stones. ·       They might be beneficial to cardiovascular health. ·       Organic Poppy seeds may be beneficial for the thyroid. ·       They could serve as an effective treatment for mouth ulcers.   How to use Organic Poppy Seeds? ·       Organic Poppy seeds are commonly found in bagels, muffins, and other baked goods. ·       They go well with vegetables and make an excellent salad dressing. ·       Sprinkle organic Poppy seeds on top of your cheese or toast to add crunch.