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Organic Red Chillies are a special product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market.  Without red chillies, it is impossible to make authentic spicy Indian cuisine. Any dish that contains red chilli, whether in whole or powdered form, will have a robust flavour. India is home to an abundance of distinct red chilli varieties, each with its own flavour profile. In addition to the many health benefits, red chillies always have spicy flavour; their flavour has made them an essential part of many spices. Capsaicin is known for its ability to burn fat and speed up the metabolism, and red chillies have a lot of it.   Benefits of Organic Red Chillies The benefits of organic Red Chillies are provided as follows: ·       Organic Red Chillies might contribute to the promotion of heart health. ·       They may increase the metabolic rate. ·       They could help to relieve nasal congestion. ·       Organic Red Chillies might be useful for reducing inflammation. ·       They may have anti-inflammatory properties. ·       They could aid digestion. ·       Organic Red Chillies may contain anti-cancer properties. ·       They might aid in weight loss. ·       They are capable of destroying harmful microorganisms. ·       Organic Red Chillies could improve cognitive function.   How to use Organic Red Chillies? ·       Organic Red chillies can be used in recipes in both fresh and dried powdered forms with equal success. ·       They are commonly used as a seasoning and condiment. ·       They can be used as spice ingredients in making almost all dishes, including curries, poriyals, rasam and others. ·       They can be used as dried spices to season soups and sauces. ·       They can be used as a food dye to give your finished product a flaming red colour.   Note: Excessive use of red chillies can be harmful and should be avoided at all costs.