Rice Kandasala (Raw)

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Organic Raw Kandasala Rice is a fine product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market. Kandasala rice is an organic rice that is farmed without the use of synthetic chemicals. This Kandasala rice is disease- and pest-free, requiring little water to grow. It is critical to understand how much immunity and physical force can be gained from rice that grows healthily without getting any diseases, insects, or other pests during the growing season.

Benefits of Organic Raw Kandasala Rice
The benefits of organic Raw Kandasala Rice are provided as follows:
• Organic Raw Kandasala Rice nourishes the body and aids in body temperature regulation, making it ideal for the hot weather and natural environs of South India.
• This rice is good for the environment and does not impair bodily motion.
• It is the health elixir.
• Organic Raw Kandasala Rice is high in minerals, vitamins, and fibre.
• What distinguishes this rice is its ease of preparation and stunning colour.

How to use Organic Raw Kandasala Rice?
• Organic Raw Kandasala Rice can be used to prepare pulao, biryani, tomato rice, and other variety rice dishes.
• Gravies, rasams, and buttermilk pair well with simple boiled rice made from organic raw Kandasala rice.
• Normally, two cups of water should be added to one cup of rice for cooking Kandasala rice.