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Organic rock salt powder is a special product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market. As a key component in Ayurvedic medicine, rock salt is valued for its ability to aid in various conditions, from healthier skin and hair to decreased appetite and a slimmer physique. The purest form of rock salt has been shown to outperform common table salt in several ways. Benefits of Organic Rock Salt Powder The benefits of organic rock salt powder are provided as follows: • Organic rock salt powder may improve digestion. • It could boost the immune system. • It might increase metabolic rate. • Organic rock salt powder might boost healthy hair. • The powdered form of organic rock salt could help soothe a sore throat. • It may provide muscle cramp relief. • Organic rock salt powder could provide stress relief. • Powdered organic rock salt might lower blood pressure. • It may promote skin health. How to use Organic Rock Salt Powder? • In place of regular table salt, try using organic rock salt powder in your favourite recipes.