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Organic Shikakai Powder can give your hair a silky texture and a beautiful shine. Shikakai has a long history of use as a hair cleanser in some parts of our country, and it is a plant that is widely dispersed throughout India. It relieves the itching of the scalp. Your scalp will be cured, and you will no longer suffer from the agony of having a dry scalp.
You might be surprised to find out that Organic Shikakai Powder makes your hair look better. Organic Shikakai Powder is a great way to keep your hair healthy because it is high in vitamins C and D and has other helpful ingredients.

Benefits of Organic Shikakai Powder
The benefits of Organic Shikakai Powder are provided as follows:
• Organic Shikakai Powder can be used to clean your hair naturally.
• To get rid of that pesky dandruff, use organic shikakai powder.
• It works well against head lice.
• It shields your hair from the dreaded split ends.
• The organic Shikakai powder promotes fresh hair growth.
• It slows the progression of greying hair.

How to use it?
• Make a paste out of 10 grammes of organic Shikakai powder and water.
• Take a bath after applying the paste all over your head.