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"Organic Special Green Tea
Organic special green tea is one of the products in demand at Uyir Organic Farmers Market. Organic special green tea has been praised for its health benefits since ancient times. According to several studies, drinking green tea may enhance skin health, aid in weight loss, and lower the chance of developing heart disease.
Organic special green tea's secret is its high antioxidant content. It has many times the amount of nutrients as fruits, vegetables, and greens. In other words, one cup of green tea equals ten cups of apple juice. The high-quality antioxidants in green tea regulate harmful pre-radiation cells, rejuvenating every cell in our body and extending life. According to studies, this is why the average Chinese person lives 90 years.

Benefits of Organic Special Green Tea
The benefits of the organic special green tea are provided as follows:
• Drinking organic special green tea helps to lose weight.
• It is beneficial in the prevention of cancer.
• It can help with the treatment of inflammatory skin disorders.
• Organic special green tea is advantageous to the health of the heart.
• It aids in the lowering of cholesterol.
• It helps to reduce the likelihood of having a stroke.
• Organic special green tea is beneficial in treating a wide range of illnesses.

How to use it?
To make the Organic Special Green Tea, boil 100 ml of water. Add 2 grammes of organic special green tea powder and country sugar. Stir it well. Filter it and drink it hot.