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Organic Star Anise is a fine product from Uyir Organic Farmers Market.  Star Anise is an aromatic spice in the shape of a star with a distinct flavour. This spice gets its name from its star-shaped seed pods. It can be found in both savoury and sweet dishes. It is commonly served with chocolate desserts in Western cuisine, but it is frequently added to soups and stews in Asian cuisine. This ancient spice is well-known for its medicinal properties in addition to its culinary abilities.   Benefits of Organic Star Anise The benefits of organic Star Anise are provided as follows: ·       Organic Star Anise may help balance blood sugar levels. ·       One's IQ could increase as a result of using organic Star Anise. ·       The mind and muscles can both be relaxed by consuming organic Star Anise. ·       Organic Star Anise might help with depression and anxiety. ·       It may offer headache relief. ·       It could be beneficial for digestion. ·       Organic Star Anise may assist you in maintaining a healthy weight. ·       It could help with influenza or a cold. ·       It might provide support to breastfeeding mothers.   How to use Organic Star Anise? ·       Organic Star Anise can be used in a variety of dishes, including biryanis, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian dishes.